I hope it’s worth the 20% she saved

A couple nights a week I work at this book store.

This book store offers a discount to teachers.   For items used in the classroom.

Tonight, I was chatting with this lady.  She was telling me how much her son was into World War II.  And she had another son that was seven.  She was talking about how she’s never waited this long to do her Christmas shopping before.

I rang her up and she produced the teacher discount card.  I did what they tell me to do: ask her if it’s for the class and then just take her word for it.

All of it was either appropriate for a seven year old or was World War II related. 

She stated that all of it was for the classroom.

There’s a level on which I truly don’t care.  I think it’s a stupid policy to be run that way.

But the thing that drives me crazy is this:

She teaches at a Christian school.

I don’t think that Christian’s are morally superior to anybody.  This incident clearly indicates that.

But I do think that whenever we advertise our faith comitment, we’d better be prepared to demonstrate that we hold ourselves to the standards we’re claiming.

This lady had no way of knowing where I’m at spiritually.  Her little display of hypocrisy could have been the thing that made the difference for me.

I know it’s not hip to be calling people out like this.  I guess I’m supposed to offer up the idea that I sin too.

And I do sin.

I guess I just want to offer up the idea that we have an extra obligation whenever we identify ourselves as Christians.  We need to expect that there is somebody watching.  And our displays — for better or worse– these make all the difference.