By their tag cloud you shall know them

Are you familiar with the blogging widget they call a “tag cloud?”  There is one at the top right of this blog.  As you can see, it’s a way that you can keep track of the tags (or categories) that people search your posts by.  These are interesting for several reasons.

The first of course is that it visually depicts how frequently the blogger re-uses tags by making frequently re-used tags larger.  Secondly, the tags are listed in alphebetical order.  Because there are no commas between them, occasionally, I notice I end up with kind-of funny or atleast striking juxtapositions.  As I write this, I notice that I have the rather strange list “heaven home humor hypocrisy” for example.  Perhaps it’s the poet in me: I enjoy random acts of alliteration.  (O.K.  It’s actually not random.  It does, after all, arrange the tags an alphabetical order.   But it is alliteration.)

At any rate, there is something deeper than just this that I think is worth noticing.  The tag cloud is a really amazing representation of what we spend our time thinking and worrying about.  Many of our tags might be things we were criticizing or complaining about.  A tags presence does not imply our support.  But what is undeniable is we have spent some of our precious time on this Earth concerned with the subject implied by the tags.

When I look at my tag cloud, I realize that Jesus’ name ought to be bigger.  It’s easy to find excuses.  Sometimes I tag a post “Jesus” and sometimes I tag at “Christ” and sometimes I tag it something else with the same idea.  But these are just that, excuses.

At some point we will stand before the creater of the universe.  And he will pluck a metaphorical tag cloud out of our lives.  Who knows, maybe it’ll even look like a tag cloud: our concerns will take on a size proportional to how much time, energy, and love we spent on them.   I wonder what it’s going to be like, to stand before God, and looking at that thing. 

What does the tag cloud of your life look like?  Is this what it should look like?