Power Dynamics ( a fragment?)

To be accepted

requires more than surrender of that which I would otherwise do…

It is not enough to kneel before hypocrisy.

To be accepted

Requires that I hang a banner behind a throne

beuaitfully embroidered with the word hypocrite.

Then, after hanging it.

I kneel and kiss the ring.

And proclaim allegience…

Praising that I can not

but he can

she can

it can

do what I can not do.

Consider, for example, the beauty pageant.

Good girl slut Maddona Whores

Proclaiming peace in their bathing suits.

In bodies that are impossible to achieve through the normal course of things…

In high heeled shoes which brake the ankles…

with breast implants that cause cancer which eat the breasts…

We hang a sign on the one most objectified.

It is not enough that they submit to be objectified.

It is also that they must not objectify themselves:

Remember the beauty queens

who lost their crowns

when they fooled around

with each other?

It is not enough to refrain.

We must also submit

to that which we can not do.

Consider, for example, the death penalty.

Murder because you murdered

proclaiming balance in an eye for an eye.

We will demonstrate your wrongness

by repeating your actions

your actions which are not crimes only by virtue of the agent doing them.