Our Battles

Everyone I know is in the fight of their lives.

Ben Harper sang that in what might be one of my favorite songs ever.

I’ve been reflecting on this lately.  The idea that life isn’t just struggle, like a challenge to get up a mountain.  Life is in fact a fight.  Against an opponent.

I’ve pondered elsewhere in this blog the nature of this fight.  I’m not going back in that direction tonight.

My mind, tonight, is on the idea that we have allies in this fight.

I have been so blessed by such great allies.  Amazing people who have done all these wonderful things.

And at the same time, I am feeling so lonely tonight.  The idea that I’m wrestling with is that we’re all like David.  And all our allies are the mighty men.

I am trying to get at the idea that in some sense we are all in the middle of our fight.  And we are the central warrior in this battle.  And there might be people that have our back.  There might be people that we can say, metaphorically speaking, “Cover me, I’m going in.”

But in the end, we have to be the ones to go in.  And we might in turn cover that person, when they go in to fight their battle.

Much like David, the battle will only be won when we recognize that we are the general in our own battles… But we are fighting in the service of our king.   But still, my battles are my battles, and others’ battles are there’s.  And this, this is lonely, sometimes.



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I'm not convinced that the things I do define who I am... I'm not sure that the roles I fufill tell the whole picture of who I am. But this stuff isn't wholly irrelevant either. If you care about the things I do, and the roles I fill, the following are true: I'm a Christ-following father, and Husband; A special Education Teacher and a friend; A son who loves the outdoors, a thinker who indulges in too much pop culture; I'm fairly left wing on many issues and cautiously embrace labels such as emergent and post-modern. If you'd like a list a bit more specific of what I believe check out my post: https://jeffsdeepthoughts.wordpress.com/2008/01/27/what-i-believe/

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