Dark days

Those trees blooming in their little deaths,

A preparation for the cold days ahead.

They canopied over the winding road,

Sitting like decontextualized coral

Bursting like russet Earth tone fireworks frozen in time


They reached into me

with those branches they were slowing baring.

Or perhaps it was the way the leaves got caught up in those spirals down

A stop motion tornado, a land-bound whirlpool.


The beauty haunted me.

The glory sang out

Resonating grief from within.


I am made more alone by those upturned sleeping faces

Those childlike grumble moan snores, barely audible.

The rolling road through the countryside rocked you both asleep

As if it were eight, nine, years ago.


We try and light up those cold days ahead.

With life celebrations, thanksgivings, Thanksgiving.

My  cold days ahead will not be lit up.

Because you will not be with me.


And I?

I will be alone.

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I'm not convinced that the things I do define who I am... I'm not sure that the roles I fufill tell the whole picture of who I am. But this stuff isn't wholly irrelevant either. If you care about the things I do, and the roles I fill, the following are true: I'm a Christ-following father, and Husband; A special Education Teacher and a friend; A son who loves the outdoors, a thinker who indulges in too much pop culture; I'm fairly left wing on many issues and cautiously embrace labels such as emergent and post-modern. If you'd like a list a bit more specific of what I believe check out my post: https://jeffsdeepthoughts.wordpress.com/2008/01/27/what-i-believe/

2 thoughts on “Dark days”

  1. This stirs me and I can empathize with the sorrowful undercurrents. I have to admit it makes me want to cheer you up… and yet lost to what methods would provide the right inflection.


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